Sunday, August 3, 2014

Disney Little Mermaid Broadway Musical

Broadway trailer
Finale Broadway

I feel like they missed the point of the whole movie. More than a romance, more than a coming of age, this was a father-daughter story. All the major emotional plot-points were between them. King Triton giving up his life to rescue his daughter, Ariel giving up her dreams to save his life... even the last line of the *entire* movie is when she's married, Triton rises up out of the water to say goodbye to his little girl, and she whispers "I love you, daddy." THAT was what it was about. /feels

That King Triton is hot.

The Little Mermaid On Broadway -If Only - Contest - PUS Reprise - Ariels Transformation
Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr 8/5/13
(full hour)
The Little Mermaid:Heritage High School /musical/ FULL
The Little Mermaid - Poor Unfortunate Souls - Sherie Rene Scott

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