Friday, October 13, 2017

Jesus, The River of Love

G             Em
Jesus, the river of love
       Am                                       D
The sweetness of Your presence flows
     G         Em
Forever within my heart
        Am                            D
Your never-ending mercy grows
 C                      D
I rise upon Your love
           Bm                     Em
As You cleanse me from sin
     C            D
My fear, my grief,
                         C    D
You wash them all away

          G                          Em
At the foot of the cross I lay my burdens down
      Am                           D
And lift up my eyes and look to Jesus
 G                                      Em
I sing a song of love to the King of kings
       Am                             Em
You touched my heart and healed my pain
            C           D                          G
And the river of love flows on and on.

New Hope International Church of Seattle @Mercer Island

© all rights reserved