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Yamaha PSR-E243 Digital Keyboard Review and Hints

Yamaha PSR-E243 Keyboard Review and Hints

Yamaha PSRE243 61-Key Entry-Level Portable Keyboard

$100 online
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Yamaha · Basic · 61 Keys · MIDI Compatible · With Metronome · Touch Response · Recording · With USB
The Yamaha PSR-E243 61 Key Entry Level Portable Keyboard is 61 touch-sensitive key portable keyboard with almost 400 sounds, 100 accompaniment styles and 102 songs. Lesson guides and Yamaha's Education Suite (Y.E.S.) provide deep resources for practice and education and with an ... more »


  • Smaller and more portable than DGX and YGP series digital pianos which have boom-box sound, 5 track recording, music score and lyrics, save songs to flash memory and computer, load songs
  • Big song list for lessons
  • Play back built-in songs ff,reverse, change melody, 
  • Turn of and off  left and right hand parts
  • Lesson features
  • Playing auto-accompaniment styles rhythm and chords - use like guitar autoharp, you just play the chord with 1 or two keys
  • Easy chords for root, Cm minor, C7, Cm7
  • Tap tempo - 423

psr-e423 - similar to dgx series

Not Features

  • Saving a recorded song to usb drive -but you can use midi to record on computer like garage band
  • Music database
  • Harmony with chords
  • Boom box sound quality
  • Load style file from computer / internet - 423
  • Load midi song from computer / internet - 423
  • Record up to 5 user songs - 423

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D Batteries Cost Twice But Have Power of 3-6 AA Batteries

D Batteries Cost Twice But Have Power of 3-6 AA Batteries

If you wondered if it's worth using AA batteries in D cell holders, D batteries last about 3-6 times longer than comparable AA, which are over half the battery market, but they only cost twice as much. This makes sense when you think about the greater efficiency of a larger package for the chemicals. That means it doesn't make sense to try to use AA batteries unless you have piles of them around your house, but it WOULD make sense to use an adapter to use D cells for AA applications if you can make one.

Some rechargeable D batteries only have AA sized cells inside so look for the capacity rating.

Capacity in amp hours
Conclusion: Each D is worth about 3-6 AA cells
AA      D       Ratio
.4-1.7  8.00    3.13 Zinc Carbon 
1.8-2.6 12-18   6    Alkaline
.6-1.0  2.0-5.5 3-6  NiCd
.6-2.8  2.2-12  4    NiMH

Cost for AA 8.99 for 8-pack 1.12 each
            D 15.99 for 8-pack 2.00 each
IEC nameR20LR20FR20KR20HR20
ANSI/NEDA name13D13A13LF
Typical capacity8000 mAh12000-18000 mAh2000-5500 mAh2200–12000 mAh 
Nominalvoltage1.5 V1.5 V1.5 V1.25 V1.25 V
RechargeablenoSpecial type onlyNoYesYes

ANSI/NEDA name15D15A15LF145001.2K21.2H2 ?
Capacity under 50 mA constant drain400–1700mAh1800–2600 mAh2700–3400mAh ?600–1000mAh600–2850mAh1500–1800mAh
Nominal voltage1.5 V1.5 V1.5 V3.6 V1.2 V1.2 V1.65 V
Max. energy at nominal voltage and 50 mA drain2.55Wh3.90 Wh5.10 Wh ?1.20Wh3.42Wh2.97Wh
RechargeableNoNo, except forRechargeable alkaline batteryNo[3]YesYesYesYes