Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Million Dreams Videos Greatest Showman

A Million Dreams Videos Greatest Showman

A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman (Violin Cover) Taylor Davis 69,307 views

A Million Dreams - The Greatest Showman (Harp Solo by Kate Kosaka) 376 views

This Is Me - The Greatest Showman SOUNDTRACK (Harp Cover)

Toto - Africa // Amy Turk, Harp 483,928 views

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Greatest Showman Videos

THIS IS ME (from "The Greatest Showman") – LIVE orchestra cover

Who Run The World? Girls. 148k

“This Is Me” by Keala Settle (from The Greatest Showman) - Cover by One Voice Children’s Choir 523k

This Is Me (Cover from "The Greatest Showman")- Musicality Chicago inner city 143k

The Greatest Showman - Tightrope - Scott & Ryceejo a cappella dance cover 23k

A Million Dreams (Greatest Showman A Capella Cover) by CaraNua 25k

This Is Me - The Greatest Showman Soundtrack | Sapphire

534,793 views Gabriella

Friday, December 8, 2017

Finalize Magnavox DVD recorder

You will need to finalize discs to play in other DVD players.
There is no need to finalize DVD+RW discs.•

Finalizing may take several minutes up to an hour.A shorter recording period on the disc will require a longer time period for finalization.

Do not unplug the power cord during finalization.

Press [SETUP].

Using cursor go down to "Disc Edit" at bottom
.Press [OK].
Disc menu will appear.3

Using [K / L], select "Finalize".
Press [OK].Confirmation window will appear.FinalizeYesNo4Using [K / L], select "Yes".Press [OK].Finalizing will start.Finalizing36ENRecordingPlaying the discs in other DVD players+VRTo cancel finalizing...DVD-RDVD-R(DVD-RW only)• To cancel finalizing at step 4, press [STOP C], select "Yes" with [{ / B], then press [OK]. Finalizing is cancelled and the unit will be in stop mode.Finalizing• If appears when pressing [STOP C], you cannot cancel finalizing because the finalizing has been in certain progress.• When selecting "No" and press [OK] or [RETURN] , finalizing will be continued.• You cannot cancel finalizing the DVD+R/DVD-R disc once it has started.This operation may take awhile to be completed.5Finalizing is completed.Finalizing90%Do you want to cancel ?YesNo5%100%4234Note•

Once you have finalized a disc recorded on DVD+R/DVD-R, you cannot edit or record anything on that disc.• When you insert a DVD-RW disc finalized with this unit, "Undo Finalize" will appear instead of "Finalize". Disc EditEdit Disc NameDisc Protect OFFONErase DiscUndo FinalizeTo release the finalizing for the disc, select "Undo Finalize" at step 3.* DO NOT power off during finalization, this will result in malfunction

Friday, October 13, 2017

Jesus, The River of Love

G             Em
Jesus, the river of love
       Am                                       D
The sweetness of Your presence flows
     G         Em
Forever within my heart
        Am                            D
Your never-ending mercy grows
 C                      D
I rise upon Your love
           Bm                     Em
As You cleanse me from sin
     C            D
My fear, my grief,
                         C    D
You wash them all away

          G                          Em
At the foot of the cross I lay my burdens down
      Am                           D
And lift up my eyes and look to Jesus
 G                                      Em
I sing a song of love to the King of kings
       Am                             Em
You touched my heart and healed my pain
            C           D                          G
And the river of love flows on and on.

New Hope International Church of Seattle @Mercer Island

© all rights reserved


Friday, August 25, 2017

Eclipse 2017 Videos

Eclipse 2017

Arthur Hu Park view

HD Kansas City Totality in Clouds

Downtown Kansas City Darkness

Tennesee Telescope view

Kentucky 4k

Music video attempt how not to

Friday, August 18, 2017

Kansas City Missouri Tour

Kansas City Missouri Tour

In One Day

This Is Where...

Discover America

Welcome to New Kansas city

Nextstop video tour

Poverty map

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August 18, 2017

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Mapping Poverty in America
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Visual analysis with ProximityOne tools
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visually analyze clients/markets
site analysis using 1 mile radius


$median household income
patterns by census tract - Houston

hover to pause

113th Congressional Districts

Click for info

US Asian Indian population 2010

Click for info

geocoded students and school
McKinney ISD, TX

Click for info

geocoded students and school
with tax parcels & streets

Click for info

high school attendance zones
with schools by type

Click for info

%high school graduates by
census tract - Puerto Rico

Click for info

Austin, TX MSA counties &
places 10K+ population markers

Click for info

Appalachia counties (green) &
coalfield counties (orange)

Click for info

China provinces percent urban &
cities (markers) by state plan

Click for info

Honolulu census tracts (red)
& census blocks

Central Park area NYC

Click for info

Kansas City Metro & Counties
Home Depot locations (markers)

Click for info

World Cities; focus on Spain

Click for info

Decision-Making Information Blog
Examining Neighborhood Change

Kansas City Area Patterns of Poverty by Census Tract/School District
Click graphic for larger view.

Los Angeles Area Patterns of Poverty by Census Tract/School District
Click graphic for larger view.

Phoenix Area Patterns of Poverty by Census Tract/School District
Click graphic for larger view.

Make your own map with your own style and areas of interest. Zoom in to any level. Label geography as desired. Add other data/geography. Join the User Group ... download and use the Mapping Poverty in America GIS project. No fee. Sign-up here.

Additional Information
ProximityOne develops geodemographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Follow ProximityOne on Twitter at www.twitter.com/proximityoneContact us (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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