Friday, December 8, 2017

Finalize Magnavox DVD recorder

You will need to finalize discs to play in other DVD players.
There is no need to finalize DVD+RW discs.•

Finalizing may take several minutes up to an hour.A shorter recording period on the disc will require a longer time period for finalization.

Do not unplug the power cord during finalization.

Press [SETUP].

Using cursor go down to "Disc Edit" at bottom
.Press [OK].
Disc menu will appear.3

Using [K / L], select "Finalize".
Press [OK].Confirmation window will appear.FinalizeYesNo4Using [K / L], select "Yes".Press [OK].Finalizing will start.Finalizing36ENRecordingPlaying the discs in other DVD players+VRTo cancel finalizing...DVD-RDVD-R(DVD-RW only)• To cancel finalizing at step 4, press [STOP C], select "Yes" with [{ / B], then press [OK]. Finalizing is cancelled and the unit will be in stop mode.Finalizing• If appears when pressing [STOP C], you cannot cancel finalizing because the finalizing has been in certain progress.• When selecting "No" and press [OK] or [RETURN] , finalizing will be continued.• You cannot cancel finalizing the DVD+R/DVD-R disc once it has started.This operation may take awhile to be completed.5Finalizing is completed.Finalizing90%Do you want to cancel ?YesNo5%100%4234Note•

Once you have finalized a disc recorded on DVD+R/DVD-R, you cannot edit or record anything on that disc.• When you insert a DVD-RW disc finalized with this unit, "Undo Finalize" will appear instead of "Finalize". Disc EditEdit Disc NameDisc Protect OFFONErase DiscUndo FinalizeTo release the finalizing for the disc, select "Undo Finalize" at step 3.* DO NOT power off during finalization, this will result in malfunction