Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Technics Digital Ensemble Electronic Pianos

Technics Digital Ensemble Electronic Pianos

from SX-PR53 which has alphanumeric display
SX-PR50 has numeric display

30 - create rhythm patterns

The main thing you have to figure out is how to finger the automatic chords.

Auto Chord is similar to Yamaha standard. Casio uses keys to the right of the root.

Play C for C major chord
Minor + black key to left
7th +-white key to the left
m7 minor 7th + black and white key to left

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Record Sequencer Song On Casio CTK-7000 WK-7500 and .CMS keyboards

Record Sequencer Song On Casio CTK-7000 WK-7500 and .CMS keyboards

... Auto Accompaniment play, the Song Sequencer also supports punch-in and punch-out spot recording of specific parts of a song (WK-7500 / CTK-7000 only), ...'WK-6600 and CTK-6200

The manual does not do a good job of showing you how to record the rhythm and melody of a song, and then save it to the SD card, and then load it back into one of the 5 songs.
Image result for casio wk-7600

Press song sequencer button
Left-right to cycle through 5 song slots.

  Clear Song

  use <- -> and dial to change letters of song title

Set rhythm
Set Sound
Set Tempo

To record rhythms,  use <- left arrow to select system track

Press record button - turns red

Press Normal button to start metronome beat
Press a key to start rhythms

Press top button when finished recording

Use <- -> to select other melody / harmony tracks

Save to card:

Function - F+Load Save
Down arrow to save

Change to MEETUSHR  (Has to be max 8 characters upppercase)