Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great MN/WI Missisippi River Road Scenic Drive

This looks like a good way tour the cities on the Missisippi river between Minnesota and Wisconsin
follow the links to this website:

quiltbulletGreat River Road Scenic Drive, Part 2. - LaCrosse, Wisconsin to
invisible Winona, Minnesota
invsibleLa Crosse, WI
invsibleWinona, MN

invsibleFall Color Train

quiltbulletGreat River Road, Part 3. - Winona, Wabasha to Red Wing, Minnesota
invsibleWabasha, MN

invsibleRed Wing, MN 
red triangleGo Here for more things to do and see in Red Wing, Minnesota

Here's some pictures I found

Winona HD


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Minneapolis 2013 Thai Lao Revival Worship

Everlasting God Laotian one more time!
Blessed Be Your Name
Lord I Offer My Life To You
Everlasting God 1
More Love More Power - jazzy style


Salvation Army Minneapolis Central Worship

This is what a Salvation Army Band looks like these days
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John Chih-An Hu Biography

This is a biography he wrote:

The famous Chinese Poet, Tu-Fu of Tang Dynasty also dwelled in this area. Nanchang is in an area where ancient Chinese intellectuals such as Kung-Ming dwelled in ..lusion. When .. lived in Lungchung, a village only a short distance away from Nanchang, Kung-Ming was visited three times by the emperor of .. Han Dynasty  before he accepted an appoint as the premier .. commander in chief oof that dynasty. The famous Chinese poet Tu-Fu of Tang Dynasty also dwelled in this area.

Nanchang neigbors Hsiangfan which is a vital geographical point of  military and politcal importance in China.

John is the eldest son of Chi-Ching and Chao-Hsian (Tsen) Hu. He has a younger sister and five brothers. During his entire childhood, China was dominated by civil wars and World War II. As a result, few people had the opportunity of education. Due to his unusual intelligence, he was able to attend schools of his choice.

At the end of the second World War, he graduated from the Chemistry Department of National Central University in 1946, then taught in Hsu-Chou High School for a year. During that year, he published a paper in the Chinese popular

to be continued...

Now for some stories that I remember...
Google search:

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