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I'm was one of the volunteer folks in the Rochester MN community who hangs out serenading patients at the Mayo clinic's gonda lobby as a violinist and guitar singer. I'm back in the Seattle area hanging out my shingle for performance gigs, parties, weddings etc.

My musical story

I played violin under Vilem Sokol (who was my violin teacher) in the Seattle Youth Symphony, and was concertmaster for the Thalia youth orchestras and the MIT symphony 1976-1981 when Harvard was promoting Yo Yom Ma and Lynn Chang. My father John Hu who came to the US from China in the 50's handed down the violin he got at a pawn shop for $50 and gave me the worst guitar in the world when he signed me up at a parks program guitar class and Frederick Noad's PBS classical guitar course. My parents together brought up 7 kids who all played violin (and a few other instruments) and made it into MIT or Stanford or both in the 70s and 80s.

Since then, I've done catholic folk mass and more recently assistant-leader for contemporary Christian worship, and done some broadway type stuff with Jane at the gonda piano with the rest of her singer crew.

My day job is software engineer .NET and Windows and some mobile in case you know of tech gigs, so I just play when I'm in town when I have a break.

My contact at gigsalad is at

Contact me at 425-891-2619 cell or in rochester or arthurhu at hufamily dot com (insert at and dot)

Performance samples:

American Pie

Star Spangled Banner Viola

Gooey Duck Song

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