Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Invisible On Switch Cadillac CUE Infotainment System

Cadillac CUE Infotainment System - 

World's Worst On Switch

The goofy thing about the Caddilac CUE radio is that the ON button has NO LABEL until it is turned on. So there is no way to turn it on other than hitting every random styled button or reading the manual.

You see that 1/0 button to the left of the volume at the lower left? It's only lit when the radio is turned on.

Now assuming it's turned on, can you figure out where the heater temperature and fan controls are? Normallly, you're looking for a dial, or maybe an up down arrow. The controls are there, but styled so they don't look like control butttons.  The heater temp arrows are at the left and right "smile" corners, the fan speed are on either side of the off button, which is in the middle of the smile.

Live Demo

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Make Christmas Mailing Labels With Microsoft Outlook and Word

Make Christmas Mailing Labels With Microsoft Outlook and Word

Mailing Labels

Start mail merge
What type of document? Labels
Use the current document
30 per page avery 5160
Select Recipients
From Outlook
Holiday 2010
Address Block
[] no company name
Update Labels
Finish & Merge
Print Documents
From 1 to 60

Friday, December 6, 2013

How chopsticks were invented

see http://gizmodo.com/how-chopsticks-were-invented-1476244067

the chopstick killed the knife

, people began cutting their food into tiny pieces so it would cook faster.
The bite sized morsels rendered table knives obsolete, as there was very little left to cut. However, they were now perfect for eating with chopsticks, which were also made from cheap materials and easily made. Thus, a trend was born.
The table knife's decline in popularity in these regions at this time can also be attributed to the teachings of Confucius, who was a vegetarian. He believed that knives weren't appropriate to eat with. As Confucius supposedly said,
The honourable and upright man keeps well away from both the slaughterhouse and the kitchen. And he allows no knives on his table.