Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hang "ufo drum" Video Gallery

Hang is a steel drum which is shaped like a UFO flying saucer, sometimes paired with a digereedoo.

Click here for explanation 

Youtube has a lot of Asian artists doing this. hang insomiac jam nearly 2M 1,822,000 views Daniel Waples - hang drum solo - HD 162,170 views in Brujas with digereedoo and ankle tambourine 410K views Yuki and Tatsuki in Singapore Hang and Diggeridoo 365,000 views Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2010 169k views Hang Drum, Interview with Davide Swarup and Ortal Pelleg, Moscow 2011 Part 3, HD
Click here to watch part 1 
Click here to watch part 2 

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