Friday, October 28, 2016

Manual Roland KR-1077 KR-977 KR-577 KR-570 Digital Intelligent Piano

Manual Roland KR-1077 KR-977 KR-577 Digital Intelligent Piano

p. 59
Playing with an Automatic Accompamiment (One Touch Arranger)
1. Press Arranger button
2. Press Style (Big band/swing)
3. Style choices for Big band show up on screen - use side buttons to pick or page button on bottom to get to more pages
4. Exit
5 Temp - + to set tempo beats per minute
6 Play C F or G keys to start chords

p. 76 chord intelligence

Press [Melody intelligence] it will add harmony in current key

Chord guide / finder
Press [Arranger Navigator]
Press Chord finder (c) 1996
Major - root C
Minor - root + 3rd key above C Eb
Seventh 7th - root 2nd key below
Major 7th - root and 1st key below

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