Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ueno Great Buddha and Pagoda Tokyo

Slide from Tokyo August 1987. Anybody know where and what this is?

pagoda near Ueno Daibutsu:
Even palm trees on the right remained intact, just grew longer.
The pagoda is located in Tokyo, near Ueno, in Ueno Onshi park.
Here’s an article in Japanese about it: tokyo-trip-org/spot/visiting/tk0...

Great Buddha Pagoda (Ueno Daibutsu)

Ueno Seiyu is a pioneer of Western cuisine founded in Meiji 5 in Ueno Park. Big Buddha Pagoda is near that. Until the collapse in the Great Kanto Earthquake, the Great Buddha was settled in this land called the Great Buddha. Currently there is a pagoda-style prayer tower and a petition store that worship the pharmacist Buddha, and only the facial part of the Great Buddha is preserved and exhibited and it is becoming a power spot of the examination carried out by the student as "It will not fall any further".

In 1954, the Ueno Tourism Federation became a volunteer, and the prayer tower (Great Buddha pagoda) of Pagoda style (pagoda of Myanmar style) which enshrined the pharmacist Buddha by donation by Taisei Construction was established, and in 1974, it was settled in Kanonagaji The face part of the Great Buddha is set as a relief.
Inside the prayer tower (Great Buddha pagoda), Yakushiro in the center, Moonlight Bodhisattva on the left, and Nikko Bodhisattva on the right.
This pharmacist Sanshita was the main honor of Yakushido in Ueno Toshogu Shrine until the end of the Edo period.
It was transferred to Kanonaga by Kanbara Buddhist separation ordinance in the early Meiji era, and was further welcomed as Honjyo of Pagoda.

1972 Ueno tourist association built the pagoda

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