Thursday, March 2, 2017

Aroma Rice Cooker Recall Beware Fraying Damaged Power Cord

Aroma Rice Cooker Beware Fraying Damaged Power Cord

If you have an Aroma rice cooker ARC-2000A that was a previous version of the picture above that has a non-removable power cord, make sure that the cord is not broken at the attachment point and wires exposed. I can't find that this unit was ever recalled or any mention on the internet that there is a safety hazard in the power cord design.

The way the unit was designed is that the cord is molded into the plug so that any bending at all will cause the cord to crack and break the insulating plastic jacket exposing the two copper wires to the air, which is pretty scary looking know that that it is only 2mm away from a dangerous short.

They will replace the unit if you give them a picture of your unit with the problem.

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