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Casio CTK-7000 Keyboard Workstation Notes

Casio CTK-7000 Keyboard Workstation Notes

Casio website has pdf manual

Main features

  • Automatic rhythm so you can use guitar chord sheet for worship songs
  • Record up to 16 tracks
  • 5 songs loaded at once
  • Save and load from SD card 
  • Drawbar organ
  • You can do sound recording with voice microphone
Vs Yamaha DGX Series
  • No keypad to input tempo or rhythm code, use the scrolling wheel
  • You have to set it to Casio Chord to get auto-chord
  • Has microphone input and reverb
  • Can record audio to SD card, but you need data manager to convert to MP3 or WAV
  • No music display like high end Yamaha
  • No music database with music styles for songs
  • Small user base so fewer styles and songs available, no pre-recorded songs like Yamaha.


Function - [+] or [-]

Memory card E-136

Record Song

Load Song

Insert memory card

Exit card mode - C-9 Card mode

C-5 Song sequencer button, + or - to get to songs 1-5

Hold down function - c9 Load /Save

Comes up in load mode

Use + - to find file you want

Press Enter

To convert the sound file to MP3, you have to use the data manager
copy to program files\casio
run the .exe
right side - select sd card letter, pick the file
left side - gets the file
result  is located at C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\CASIO\EMI\DataManager6\WaveData

PC Application] Data Manager - Version 6.1

Supported Models


Download files

Data Manager 6.1
For Windows: (5.4MB)Download

Installation method:
 1.Uncompress the downloaded "" file.
 2.This will create a folder named "CASIO DataManager6" on your computer.
For Mac OS: DataManager61.dmg (12.1MB)Download
 Installation method:
1.Open the downloaded "DataManager61.dmg" file.
2.This will create an image named "CASIO DataManager6" on your Mac.
3.Copy the "CASIO DataManager6" to your application folder.
User's Guide Download (English): DM61-E-1A.pdf (555KB)Download
User's Guide Download (Arabic): DM61-AR-1A.pdf (1.35KB)Download
User's Guide Download (Turkish): DM61-TR-1A.pdf (977KB)Download
User's Guide Download (Russian): DM61-TR-1A.pdf (819KB)Download
Data Manager 6.1 Compatible Model List: DM-MODELS-WL-1C.pdf (240KB)Download
CASIO Electronic Keyboard Data Compatibility: DM-COMPATI-WL-1C.pdf (1.82MB)Download

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